Your Town

“.…Up on the street, lights shining bright
Watch the world go by down on the walkway
The shadows try to kiss the night goodbye
Well I need you now, I want you now
And If I die, will I be born again?…

(c) Steven Lindsay, “Big Town” from the album “Satellites“, 1991

Written in 2013, not long after circumstances had moved me on from the town that I should, on deeper reflection, never have moved to in the first place. I hadnt bargained on ending up in the countryside, but… its proved to be a fruitful place to write, so every cloud has a lining of a different hue.

Inspired by the need to move on and embrace change and an old Big Dish track from the late 1980s.

Your Town

Verse 1/
A morning mist dissolving,
Buried treasure that will never be found
You wont know where you are if you don’t look around
Just minding your business, keeping your head down

Verse 2/
Don’t play my guitars any more
The lost chord remains unfound
This is the lie that I’ll live in
Til the day I leave your town

Leaving your town, your town
(Wouldn’t have to leave if you’re still around)
Leaving your town, your town
(Gonna find somewhere else to settle down)

Middle 8/
Now neither of us know how this will unwind
All that we know is that life don’t run on straight lines…




Such a bitter pill left behind
Grass wont grow on dead ground
Don’t care where, just anywhere but here
No home in your town now you’re not around…

(c) Steve McCarthy-Hunt 2013


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