New KOAS Project coming soon…

I normally start off my blog posts with an appropriate stanza of a song that either means a lot to me or is pertinent to the post I’m about to make. Naaah. Not this time.

Well, it has been pretty much two years since the last project was completed and was made available to the world and thank you, if you are one of the original readers of the blog for sticking with me. I did say it might be a while before I came back to music again and that much is certainly true. It has been a while, but given the very strange circumstances we find ourselves in now, this is definitely the time to do something constructive with it.

The new KOAS project does not involve writing any new songs as such, but the creation of the tracks for six that already existed. It is an EP project as opposed to an album one and the project is going to be called Monochrome.  It did have several other working titles that were under consideration, but Monochrome was chosen partly because of the artwork that was picked; all of the pictures used were taken in and around my home town of Coventry and all taken around the time and place where I spent the first formative 8-10 years of my life. At the time Coventry was recovering still from the events of World War 2, and was at the tail end of the swinging 60’s but still had a lot of the old housing, bomb damaged properties, wastelands and even more destructively, the machinations of the town planners who thought they could create something and magnificent to rise phoenix-like from the ashes of war, but in the end destroyed what was left of its history to end up fashioning an albatross that the city still has around its neck to this day.

So, it is about transition from the old to the new, but you dont know quite where the new is going to take you yet, but you’re only seeing it in one colour, through one set of eyes anyway. In the same way, London Road and No Expectations were about abandonment and were about drawing a line under the past, these songs are ones that thematically were not right for either of those projects but are still good pieces of work in their own right that deserve to be made and that to my mind anyway, say what I need to say at this point in time, despite only two of them being relatively recent writes.

The projected track listing is:  The Last Dance; Birds & Butterflies; Scarlet & Gold; Come Back To Me, Money; Hunters Moon; Tomorrow Too Soon and (lastly) The Last Word.

All songs were written between 2014 and 2018.

Im sincerely hoping that it isnt going to be another two years before the completed Monochrome project sees the light of day, but I’ll not stake my mortgage on that, given how strange a world it is that we live in these days, LOL.

I’ve included the artwork in this post so you can see what kind of feel I’m going for.

KOAS Monochrome Album Listing

KOAS Monochrome album cover


Oh and incidentally, the first part of the lockdown that has been going on this year was used to remix and re-release six tracks that my dear friends and former bandmates Robert Pearce and Tony Jukes recorded back in 2012 for the Alter Zero project. These tracks date back to the 1990s and have always been great, unacknowledged works that should have been professionally recorded at the time, but were not, because…. reasons *wry grin*… Well, now they have been recorded and remixed to the best that I can get them to be and they are available for downloading from the same Soundcloud site that I used for London Road and No Expectations. They’re great songs, truly they are and all of them hold a special place for me as a Producer and player, as opposed to a writer and it has been a privilege to try my best to do these songs justice. it sure as heck as taken long enough, as it does when normal life tends to get in the way.

Strange then, how it should take virtual house arrest to change that perspective, but (for a change), I digress.

The AlterZero tracks are part of a project called The Road Less Travelled and they are: My Long Distant Past; Silently, Another Broken Dream, Extinction, A Different Meaning (The Deception Of J) and Lost Your Memories.

I hope you like them. They can be found here:

Thank you all for sticking with me and I’ll bring you more developments soon.