I am (in the following order), a Lyricist, Music Producer and Songwriter, born in 1965 to a mother from Coventry in England and a Puerto Rican father from Queens, New York City.

I am from a musical family (my late father, Bob Ortiz and my uncle, Angel Paniagua were both professional session guitarists and band members in New York in the late fifties and into the sixties, and in Angel’s case into the 70’s as well) and the desire to make music is in my blood and always will be. Most of the time I write and produce for its own reward and for the therapeutic aspects of it; Sometimes I write lyrics and produce material for other people.

I am an active member of the British Academy of Songwriters, Composers & Authors (BASCA), the UK Music Producers Guild and also of The Featured Artists Coalition.

This WordPress blog is a collection of my works, both ones that are collaboratively written and ones I have written on my own. Some contain details of the back-story – how and when the track came about, what inspired it… others do not. Other posts are more typical blogposts of just streams of consciousness that are happening around me at the time of writing.

Also, I have written, recorded, performed and produced two albums of compositions, No Expectations and London Road. Both are available to listen to on this site by following the links above and are available to licence and cover.

Hope you like it.

I hold the copyright for all the lyrics unless stated otherwise.


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