Come Home Soon

Written in April/May 2015. Inspired by two things. One being the concept of someone who goes away to sea to earn money but finds that by going away he has to travel further away to earn more money to be able to return home… by which point, he has travelled further away, so needs to earn more… and it repeats and repeats until he’s travelled the worlds oceans to be reunited with his family.

The second one being a Norah Jones track. Which shall remain nameless.

One of my collaborators has done a sterling job in putting this to music; once I receive a copy of the mastered track, I’ll attach it.

Come Home Soon

Verse 1/
I could cross an angry sea
And leave my footprints far behind me
Fly over the ocean in skies so blue
I’d go anywhere just to be with you

Verse 2/
I think about you on the rising sea
And I know you’re always with me
While my working life always drags me away
Its only you that brings me home each day

No need to say a prayer tonight before you sleep
I’m not too big to miss you, our love is ocean deep
Keep me in your heart, you know I’ll be home soon
Write my name in the stars, I love you like the sun and the moon

Verse 3/
I will cross a tranquil sea
Counting all the miles between you and me
Got to go all round the world to get back to you
All the money and time cant bring me back too soon


Middle 8/
They can stretch this thing that binds us
But it’ll always bring me back to you
They’ll never break this thing that binds us
It’s the thread that always brings me back to you…


I have crossed the seven seas
Counted every footstep between you and me
Crossed every ocean, flown every sky so blue
Don’t want to be just anywhere
I want to be with you.

(c) Lyrics: Steve McCarthy-Hunt, Music by David J Barnes, 2015


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