Dont Talk About It

“Back in the cafe in the old street
With your Miss America
But she looks nowhere in a new dress
And coming around yours again…”

“…She’ll be the queen of something or other someday
A beauty in every way but one way….”

© Steven Lindsay, “Miss America” from the album “Satellites“, 1991.

This song came about in June 2014 after having seen a repeat of a British cop show called New Tricks on a satellite channel. An episode titled “Romans Ruined“, to be specific, for those who may have followed it at some point.

What inspired it was a sub-plot device; one of the key characters had a partner who had been sectioned a long time ago and was about to be released back into care in the community… and the character was un-nerved by the whole process, whereas his partner who had been in treatment could see his situation with absolute clarity as to why he was so uncomfortable in having to face up to what was about to happen. And still loved him enough to realise that she had to set him free.

That and a line in the third verse that was adapted from a Fiat 500 car advertisement. Inspiration comes from the strangest places.

This is slated to appear on one of the KOAS project albums.

Dont Talk About It

Verse 1/
You look the same to me
But I know deep inside, you’re not
Time’s made you a changed man,
Still holding on to what you should have forgot

Verse 2/
You feel like you’re coming up for air
And finding everything’s changed
I know just how much you tried
But that sweeping hand of the clock aint gonna lie
Now everything in your life’s rearranged.

Hush, hush, Don’t Talk About It
Shaking another tree to see what falls out of it
Hush, hush, no time to talk around it
Too late to fix what you shouldn’t have started

Verse 3/
Love is the devil in the detail
It’s the flesh on the bones
You’ve gained so much, so much of it with age
And you gave it away to remain on your own

Middle 8/
Stripped of all your dignity
You say you don’t love her anymore
Well it don’t look that way to me
She smiles demurely but talks behind your back of revenge
And under her breath, the means
Will always justify the ends…

Verse 4/
It all seems like a game
Everything’s just fine then its not
It’s a changed plan,
All still holding onto
What we should have forgot.

(c) Steve McCarthy-Hunt 2015


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