Deja Vu

This was written in May 2015 and is largely self explanatory. The character thinks he sees his former lover in the form of almost every woman he sees, especially one particular woman in Manhattan where a split-second’s eye contact between two complete strangers ends up being romanticised.

I guess if anything, its a lesson or observation in the desperation that comes from isolation; wanting something to have a slither of truth in it, but knowing deep down, that it doesnt.

Deja Vu

Verse 1/
Every time I see her
Cant help but think she looks like you
No idea of her name or her number
Perfume smells of déjà vu
Her hair’s nothing like yours,
But she moves, she moves, just like you used to do.

I remind myself, its all happened before
Same old girl, same old sound to her voice
I bought a one way ticket to happiness
And caught the same train right back to my door
She’s just like the same old girl, from all those years before…

Verse 2/
I caught a cab to the airport
Saw her oblivious on 5th Avenue
She still don’t know who I am
Our shadows meet but don’t change their hue
I watched her leave, turning away
Her footsteps stay in my fading view
She’s still no idea who I am
And I’m still no closer to my memory of you.

Middle 8/
Same old pet names come to mind
Smell of wine and candles fills my heart
I see you every day as you walk through the park
And I wonder what you do every night in the dark
Now I’m getting hooked on you
Even though nothing will hold us together beyond a spark….

I see that same look in her eyes
Waiting to be swept out by the tide
Any distant shore in a storm
But she’ll never be too hard to find

(c) Steve McCarthy-Hunt 2015


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