The Last Dance

“I’m so tired of being alone,
I’m so tired of on my own,
Won’t you help me, girl,
Just as soon as you can….

People say that I’ve found a way,
To make you say,
That you love me.

You didn’t go for that,
It’s a natural fact,
That I want to come back,
Show me where it’s at…”

© Al Green, 1968

This is one that has been on the back burner for quite a while – some time back in 2013 to be specific. I think the idea originally came either in Aylesbury in the old studio or quite possibly on the commute one day.

And, another odd one in that the music came first, although only part of it did. The melody, the underlying rhythm and the bassline are firmly seared into my mind. The bridges, the coda and the elements that are to hang the whole song together, are not quite there yet. The lyrics – well, part of them came pretty quick and the overall feel was pretty strong from the start but its only been in the last few days that I’ve managed to get the rest of them to the point where I’m happy with them to be the working copy ones.

I’m hoping the track will make the KOAS album cut and that it will also take more shape during the sessions in Long Island in June, with the input of some real musicians who I hope can bring the track to life.

The feel that I’m looking for is somewhere between the legendary Lou Rawls classic, You’ll Never Find and early Chic, with that bossa feel behind it. Privately, I’m quite optimistic about this one.

The story of the song is quite simple. The person in the song is dancing with someone who is not there – not dancing by himself, but with someone who he wishes was there and who he aches for, but cannot be there, because she is in another realm. And just for those few moments, when he hears their old song, she is there. And then, as the house lights come up, she disappears.

The Last Dance

Come take my hand when you hear our favourite song
The music begins and we sway and we sway
When I’m with you I’m on top of the world
In your arms my troubles are so far away,

Now starlight surrounds you all day and all night
And my promise is always you know I’ll be true
Each night the sun goes down and the moon shines so bright
Just save me the time, for one last dance with you.

Now its time for us to say our last goodbyes
Kiss your hand, hold you closer, as the song plays and we sway
Don’t let go now, no one else has ever loved you like I do
The end of the night is just moments away


Don’t leave me alone on this empty dancefloor
Don’t wanna be on my own, without you there any more


Hold me closer, come hold me tight
Stay with me now til the end of the night

Now the house lights come up and like the music she fades
One more dance just for old times sake
Tell me it wont be long before I feel your hand again in mine
With all of my heart I never felt so alive

So here I am left on this empty dance floor
Hearing our song, burning to love you just a little more
Come back, hold me, come back hold me tight
Promise you’ll stay to the end of the night…

© Words & Music Steve McCarthy-Hunt 2016



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