What’s happening?

This time last week, this blog wasnt even a twinkle in my eye. However, at the end of week one, a lot of the songs that I’ve been writing and working on for the last couple of years have been uploaded over the last five days.

As ever, there are still other ideas for new material buzzing around and there are a few more songs that are still to be uploaded. Some of these are from a somewhat darker phase between 2011 and 2013 and I’m undecided as yet as to whether these should be part of this collection or not as it is unlikely that I will seek to licence them. They may find their way onto an album release of my own in the next 12 to 18 months though.

A number of these current works are also in mid-composition or at least arrangement to add the music to them. As they are completed, links will be added to them.

As an aside there is a Reverbnation account that contains a number of the songs that I’ve worked on as Producer and musician over the last twenty years, both as a band member and as an independent.

Also, a Soundcloud account, which contains a number of Works In Progress and short clips of tracks in gestation – as well as some that are finished roughmixes awaiting final mixing and mastering.

Have a listen and see what you think. As ever, I’m always happy to receive any feedback, be they brickbats or bouquets.




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