Promise You Tomorrow

All the memories that flower and blossom, in this pale endymion hour,
They paint a picture of you, too good to be true
Too good to be true….

(c) Grant/Patterson, “Jocelyn Square” from the album “Strange Kind Of Love”, 1985

This was written in late April 2014 when it dawned on me that the emotional energy that I was expending into something was just radiating out into space and was never going to be reciprocated, contrary to the signs that I thought I had seen. Sometimes its possible to want things too badly, I guess.

Fun fact: The line in this song of “vermillion sunsets” was inspired by the above referenced line from Jocelyn Square and many years ago, I thought that the line was vermillion, not endymion. Its only recently, having looked closer into it, that I’ve realised what James Grant was trying to say, about the sleep of the dead. I am guessing that the reference is more to the Keats poem as opposed to the Greek mythology – its a complex piece to read. I should ask him sometime and find out because for a twenty one year old to include a reference to a Greek mythological figure in a rock song is frankly, brilliant.

There has been a couple of attempts at music for this track; I have a definite notion of how I think the vocal melody in the chorus should sound and I’ll continue to work on it. Meantime, as it is a fairly stead meter, if you wish to write your own music for it, be my guest…

Promise You Tomorrow

Verse 1/
I can promise you my tomorrows
If you’ll accept the words I say
Daydreaming of rain that turns to sunshine
In fallow fields I’m torn again

Verse 2/
I can wait in silence if thats what you want
Watching life’s time slide past window panes
In my mind I keep those precious hours
replaying again and again and again

Verse 3/
Overanalyzing every spoken word
Glamourising your every touch
the brush of your lips against my cheek
and the tightness of your hug

It leaves an echo that fades to silence
As my once bright colours revert to grey
once glowing embers turn to ashes of another lost refrain

Tomorrows a time thats always over far too soon
But our forever could last as long as the sun and the moon
Can you hear the music at sunset time
As vermilion skies give way to stars
And the dark night ends another day with your name carved on my heart


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