Written in June 2015, probably during watching daytime TV. Believe it or not, from a mis-heard phrase in another song. What was actually “more thoughts”, I heard as “Amorphous”. And, considering that the word literally means (in this context at least) a collection of thoughts without form, I thought it somehow appropriate to use as a song title.

Fans of a certain, often repeated TV show may recognise the Wedding Band Boneyard line. Yes, I did appropriate it from that show, in case you wondered.

It doesnt really have a theme or a story behind it, although it is full of imagery and allegory. Like a lot of songs, there are some autobiographical aspects but none of any particular consequence.


Verse 1/
Time came when he’d  never leave the house
Without wearing something in black
Police found his clothes on the beach one day
With a note that said “Never Coming Back”

Verse 2/

He was an ordinary man til the wolf moved in
And bought the house next door
He never bothered with the cobwebs on the ceiling
And didnt care about the dust on the floor

Last night he stowed away on the ship of fools
Took a small suitcase and all of her jewels
To an island in the sea surrounded by stars
She knew she’d never trust him again
When he said he wanted to be more than friends
And his hourglass had to run out in the end.

Verse 3/
Couldnt stay any more when the wolf smelled the fear
As he growled and scratched at the door
And the bus from the wedding band boneyard
Bought in so many more and more (and more)


Middle 8/
Was it all about keeping control?
She dont need a priest if theres no sin at confessional
He lets her unload and unload and just sits and he listens
And absolution’s the love she didnt care for unless it glistened…

(c) Steve McCarthy-Hunt 2015


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