Strange Girl

Written in Summer 2014 after I met someone who just appeared to be going through the motions, emotionally. Im trying to be non judgmental about it – in the same way that I can’t help my emotional responses to things, to her no doubt it was all completely normal. Maybe I was just looking for the wrong things in the wrong places. Wouldn’t be the first time.

Strange Girl

Verse 1/
Met a strange girl in a strange house
Drove to her strange house in a strange car
Looking into those strange blue eyes
Trying to find a strange new light
Seeing nothing familiar

Verse 2/
What its take to get closer to you?
Sitting around on this strange afternoon
Dont know you well enough yet
To think about regretting what I’ve not yet said
From Sunday to Monday

I didnt think I’d be so out of my depth
I didnt think… well, thats my problem, I guess
And I dont know what you’re looking for just yet
Its all so strangely familiar

Middle 8/
Can you start a fire without friction
All of that passion’s been worn away by attrition
Driven by what you can get?
I can give you all that I can give
Might not be much, but its all still mine to live
But you cant take all of the time, putting nothing back
I cant keep on making up for all those things you lack
Its all just so strangely familiar.

(c) Steve McCarthy-Hunt, 2014


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