Come Back To Me, Money

“If I cant have your love,
I dont want nothin’ at all

If I cant have your love,
I’ll keep my heart behind the wall

I don’t want to see the sun
Don’t want nothing from no one
And night and day don’t mean a thing to me”

(c) Jon Allen, from the album “Deep River”, 2013

A blues-y type composition written in May/June 2015. Inspired by a singer/songwriter who I admire called Jon Allen. I heard one of his tracks called All The Money’s Gone and it dawned on me to turn that concept on its head… instead of a guy saying to a girl, hey all the money has gone but we’ve still got each other and all that fluff…well, what if I reversed that – and had the protagonist lamenting that all the girls have gone and that he wants the money back because now they’ve gone, he’s nothing to show for it?

So, that’s how this song came about. Another track of Jon Allen’s (Night & Day) had quite a blues based structure so, I shamelessly thought, I’ll use the blues as a template and see how it evolves. Thats why it scans like a blues song.

Come Back To Me Money

Verse 1/

Hey now, come on home to me, Money,
I promise all the good girls have gone
You belong with me, my sweet Money,
And I know what I did was so, so wrong
I know I’ve been a damned fool to ever let you go
And I miss you more than you’d ever know

Verse 2/

I know I gave you up, my dear Money,
Thought I could keep you, but then you were gone
Gave you away to fly ’round the world, honey,
And I ended up right back where I started from
You fell right through my fingers, darling Money,
I was such a fool to ever let you go.
And I still miss you more than you’d ever know

Mid 8/

Please come home to me, Money
You never let me down, and God alone knows, I know it now
You know I’m wrapped around your little finger now, Money
You’re the only one I’ll ever need to be around…


Verse 3/

We had some great times, didn’t we Money,
Stars, cars, guitars, wine and cigars, they’re all gone
Let me take you back home now, sweet sweet money,
Back in my arms where you know you really belong
I’m gonna look you right in the eye and I was a fool to let you go,
And I still miss you more than you’d ever know

(c) Steve McCarthy-Hunt 2015


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