Another Day

“Guilt in the frame of the looking-glass
Puts a shine on the mind where reflections pass
Where the jigsaw pieces of a broken man
Try and fit themselves together again”

©Roland Orzabal/Nicky Holland, “Badman’s Song“,  from the album “The Seeds Of Love“, 1989

This one appeared out of nowhere during a writing weekend between myself and an inspirational collaborator who I’ve known for half my life. Its in the middle of being recorded right now and is evolving quite nicely. It has some elements of Steve Hogarth’s H Natural to it at the moment, very sparse, lots of room for the words to breathe – and also of Neil Finn – I can really sense almost a Weather With You feel to it, which is encouraging and a direction I’m very keen to explore.

From a production perspective, I think I may cut two versions, just to cover both bases.

From a lyrical perspective; It didnt have any particular theme and I wasnt in any particular mood when the lyrics came out. They are perhaps, tangentially related to Deep Deep Blue (in the sense that there is a theme of someone leaving and the situation being outside of the writer’s control), but that is evolving at its own pace and will be a completely different song.

Another Day                                                                              

Don’t come here, just to kiss me goodnight
I can tell whats on your mind
By that look that you cant hide
In your eyes…

Draw the blinds and pour the wine
Am I just another day you left behind
Without telling me why?

There will be a time to smile,
A time to cry
A time to intervene and to walk right on by
A time to see
A time to hear
You could always calm me, just by being near

Always somewhere else you need to be
Another one horse town
Between you and I
Another all night drive

The road less travelled and a windowless view
The very thing I need
Is the one I cant talk to
Is it ok to feel afraid,
Ok to feel this way?


This is the point where I watch you walk away
No matter how much I begged you to stay
Our final song has no more bars left to play
And the sun goes down on another lonely day.

©Lyrics Steve McCarthy-Hunt, Sept 2015. Music & Arrangement Robert Pearce Sept 2015.


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