Talk To Me

“In all the time that I’ve known you
There has been something between us
I dont think its my imagination….”

“I felt like I couldnt touch you
But I had the feeling you’d love to tell me the truth if you could do
I made excuses and ran…”

You’re an island… but I cant leave you all out at sea”

© Steve Hogarth/Colin Woore, “Dry Land”, from the album “How We Live”, 1987

Now this is a track that I thought that I’d already added to this site, but it seems on checking through my previously published works that I have not. Given that the intention is that it should open the KOAS London Road album and that it is one of the most “up” songs I’ve written (although it does still, wear a scarf of darkness around its neck, like all of my works), it is one that should be on here.

It was written pretty much in about 30 minutes about two years ago pretty much to the day, on my return from a trip seeing old friends. One of whom, the last time we had seen each other 25 years previous, had a very profound effect on me. I had never expected to see her again and to cut a long story short, this one weekend which amounted to no more than two stolen hours in her company (I’ve used that line somewhere else, as some may recognise) brought it all back.

So, it is highly autobiographical and there is no point denying it. The opening line refers to the distance between us both and the silence that pervades; the “walking through the airport” line refers to me expecting, longing, aching to see her to say goodbye as I was leaving, only to feel crushed when she wasnt there, leading to the next line of “standing alone looking at your picture on my phone”. Thats exactly how it was. And when I got back to Gatwick I then had another two hour drive home to contemplate it all further.

The music has already been written  – not by me, incidentally, but by one of my closest collaborators – and much as it may raise a few eyebrows, it struck me that it would have been suitable for a boy band. Yes, really. Its quite upbeat and where the production values are concerned, it should make a strong opening track which has the potential to be licensed. Initially, the musical feel I was looking for was based on a track of  almost the same name written by Peter Gabriel (except that was Come Talk To Me) and covered acoustically by a Canadian artist called Jacob Moon. But, David Barnes’ chords were somewhat different to that, leading to the song taking on a different feel and direction.

Talk To Me

Verse 1/
Betweeen all the miles and the silence
There is a place that we can be
Im fighting for my words, maybe trying too hard to be heard
And I feel like I’m all lost at sea

Verse 2/
Now I’m walking through the airport (with my heart in my hands)
And its you I’d come to see (with your beautiful brown eyes)
But I’m left standing here alone, just looking your picture on my phone
And an aching deep inside of me
Of me…

Now I cant make you feel what I want you to feel
If you dont feel the same about me
All I want to do is give this heart and soul to you
Nothing else matters if you just please talk to me
Take my hand girl and please just talk to me…

Its half a lifetime since I saw you
Since your sun had shone down on me
We’ve both grown and we’ve learned and our hearts have been burned
And the scars we’ve carried we can heal
Can heal…


(After all these dreams) Well at least I got to hold you
(And after all these dreams) At least you know I love you
I never thought that could ever be
Everything thats mine and all of my time
Take my hand and just come talk to me.

Chorus ad lib/


Take my hand and come talk to me
I whisper these words almost too quiet to be heard.
All I want is to love you
Please just talk to me.

© Words by Steve McCarthy-Hunt; Music by David J Barnes and Steve McCarthy-Hunt, 2014


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