“Loving you… isnt the right thing to do
How can I ever change things that I feel?
If I could, baby
I’d give you my world…
How can  I, when you wont take it from me?”

(c) Lindsay Buckingham, “Go Your Own Way”, from the album “Rumours”, 1976

This was written around the same time as Heart On A Shelf (October 2014). Same subject matter, same person who flitted in and out of my life like a butterfly as the inspiration/muse behind it. It was a pretty intense time and I guess writing songs like this was the release. Written with a kinda Neil Finn vibe in mind, especially the Coda.


Verse 1/
It was another place, another time
All I wanted was to make you mine
In the empty spaces I wrote another line
In the heat of the day and the dead of the night

Starting each night in the fading light
Always speaking the language of touch
Only one of us sees, with a heart that bleeds
And for the other one, it’s never enough

Verse 2/
Deep in the night, still your eyes are so bright
No other part of you tells me so much
Just two strangers in need of a random connection
Who’ll go their own way tomorrow and not ask for directions


Middle 8/
I’ve got bottles of memories and shoe boxes of dreams
Labelled “Death”, “Divorce”, “Never Was” and plain old “Never Will Be”,
I only see what’s left that I don’t need to see
Dont know where I’m going, but staying here’s not for me…


Now I’m watching the rise and I’m watching the fall
Of the tiny spiders trying to make their way up the wall
Working so hard to make something out of nothing at all
And you know I’d give you this big old heart
Just for the cost of a call…

(c) Steve McCarthy-Hunt, October 2014.


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